Increase your companies performance!

Save time and money!

Save time and money by optimizing your routes!

Optimize your routes

Close to 25% of the total expenses of an average carrier company come from fueling. MiniMo optimizes your routes which can reduce your costs by 10-15%.

By automating your processes your company has a lot to gain.

Automate your processes

On average, the cost of the human labor can add up to 38% of a carriers monthly expenses. With the help of our application those time-consuming data consultations, reports and task list creations can decreases by 90%.

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A user friendly logistics application


Without optimization

With optimization

Every one of our clients are interested in having their vehicles to travel the shortest routes with the shortest driving time to their destinations. With our solution 10-15% of the fueling costs and driving time can be saved which improves their competitiveness.

Automated administration

Jumping from Excel sheet to Excel sheet, planning the routes and administering them is quite time consuming. MiniMo will take care of most of your work and with just a few clicks all this work can be done in a few seconds, so you can have more time for the really important tasks.

How it works

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Using MiniMo in four easy steps

Töltse fel a szállítási feladatait

Upload your consignment tasks

You can import your tasks from almost any type of table, database or ERP and see the important informations for your daily work organized in one place. The daily tasks can also be imported by sending them to a pre-defined e-mail address.

Tervezze meg az útvonalakat

Plan your daily tasks

Tasks are distributed automatically and optimally between your vehicles and fleet in just a few seconds. It is also easy and flexible to modify them.

Küldje el terveit a járművezetőknek

Send your plans to your drivers

It is possible to print task sheets based on the finished plans, but with MiniMo you can also send them digitally. If the plan changes during the day the driver can be informed immediately and unambiguously. The locations of the drivers and the states of the packages can be monitored in real-time.

Dőljön hátra és kövesse végig a terveit

Lay back and track your plans

If the driver uses our mobile app then their locations and the state of the tasks can be monitored in real-time. During the day you can re-order your consignments between your vehicles. You can create reports about the daily tasks, send final reports about the task fulfillments or the EKÁER consignments to the customers. And all of this in just a few seconds.

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Modern, clean, effective

User interface

This interface was created mainly with operators and dispatchers in mind, in order for them to clearly see through the current situation and modify the plans on the same interface.

  • Covers the complete operation
  • Every information in one place
  • No need for learning, easily understandable and accessible user interface

Complementary mobile app

Reduce the administration time of your drivers and in return speed up deliveries, manage changes flexibly and get instant notifications about loadings and unloadings!

  • Minimize your paper usage
  • Manage the states of your consignments (loaded, unloaded, was closed, etc.)
  • Record damages (upload photos)
  • Track your device with GPS

Our app in numbers

Our app in numbers 202443 pieces
Weight of consignments 126656 tonne
Generated task sheets 17258 pieces
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What MiniMo offers

  • Automatically import consignments

  • Freight planning and management

  • Tracking the consignments

  • Tracking vehicles and fleet

  • Tracking the daily fleet plan

  • Optimizing consignments and routes

  • Handling multiple warehouses

  • Manage EKÁER and ADR

  • Continuous and automatic reports for the customers

  • Registering the fleet

  • Registering drivers

  • Create and send task sheets automatically

  • Multiple graphical analysis

  • Connection between dispatchers and drivers

Customization and integration

Custom needs

Our application is dynamically customizable for almost every logistics process or operational features. This way your companies operations are served in a very broad way with route planning, fleet optimization and task administration, eventually realizing the business advantages of using our application.


Your company can possess any type of management application (payroll calculator, billing, warehouse management software...). MiniMo was created to be able to collaborate and communicate with other softwares.

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